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Projects I've Worked on!


Sep. 2018

Project Description
Using Here.com location software, we track your location and allow you to view other people within a short distance. This is extremely useful in study situations, talking to professors, hackathons, and even the outdoors. With this app, we unlock the ability to communicate with anyone nearby.

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ULM ACM Website

ACM Website image

Apr. 2018

Project Description
As a part of the final project for the CSCI 3030 - Internet Programming Class, I developed a website for the Computer Science department RSO, named Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). A lot of time and effort was put into making the beautiful homepage UI.

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APSU Threading and Heena Tattoo

May 2018

Project Description
Built a static, responsive website for a company to boost their sales by establishing an online presence for the company. The page was hosted on github pages to minimize hosting costs.

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NSA ULM Website

NSAULM Website

Dec. 2016 - Jan. 2017

Project Description
Designed a website for a RSO in college named "Nepalese Student Association" while I was serving the club as a webmaster. The website provides information about the RSO and the services it provides. After an year, I, and my friend, Shivam Kharga, were able to integrate an online ballot system in the website itself to conduct RSO elections for a new club year.

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Jun. 2017 - Jul. 2017

Project Description
Transformed a traditional web layout to a modern bootstrap design with over 95% accuracy with the design mock-up. Insured quality customer satisfaction and received 100% project bonus reward.

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RGB Color Guessing Game


Sep. 2016

Project Description
Designed a game using vanilla javascript. This game is fully responsive and allows users to guess a color by a rgb color code given

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I am Sunil Jamkatel and I love programming.
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